SCENAR Professional

SCENAR Practitioner device

The SCENAR Professional is a practitioner level device capable of delivering the most effective treatment protocols. The SCENAR Pro uses interactive and intelligent energy-neuro-stimulation to reduce pain, reduce disability, and improve physiological functionality.

The SCENAR Professional creates an interactive dialogue with the body, finding, measuring and treating problem areas (asymmetries) through the skin. SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) was developed in Russia during the space race and today it is used widely as a medical modality with many applications.

The basic mode of operation of Scenar devices is to deliver a "dosage" of electrical stimulation impulses to the body via an in-built and/or remote electrode in direct contact with the skin surface. These impulses have been tailored to mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system, in order to elicit the organism's response with optimum efficiency and minimum disruption to cell function, depending upon the unique requirements of the presenting pain disease dynamics (or lack of the same). The action is aimed at both the "fast" pain blocking A-fibres and the "slow" pain producing and peptide generating C-fibres.

The signal stream, comprising waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by preselection by the operator or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. The "dosage" can be delivered automatically or overridden at the discretion of the operator, with guidance from visual indicators on numeri LED display.

The basic signal component is a bipolar pulse, consisting of a negative square-wave followed by a positive saw-tooth, starting and finishing at zero and lasting for a few microseconds. A number of these pulses may be packaged into a discrete burst (intensity) which itself may be repeated at a fixed default frequency. The individual pulses in these bursts (intensity more than 1) can themselves be spaced out (Z=10/close together, to 80/wide apart) to give a concentrated (deep) or diffuse (shallow) penetration, depending on local body density or depth of pain location.


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